Muijo Portfolio Review

Muijo Portfolio

There are lots of different types of bags and sleeves you can carry your laptop in now and for the most part, there’s no wrong decision you can make when choosing one. Basically, you just choose what’s best for your needs and that’s that. However, it is nice to get recommendations, especially for brands or items you might have never heard of or seen before. Take for instance Muijo which is a European brand specializing in luxury goods specifically for Apple products. They are best known for their leather iPhone cases, but also make accessories for the Macbook. For instance, the Muijo Portfolio is a stylish carrying case for up to a 16″ Macbook, as well as a separate pocket to hold other accessories. Basically, an essential carry-all case for work or a business meeting.

The Muijo Portfolio looks precisely as it’s named. It’s a portfolio-style carrying case that looks simple and handsome on the outside but is functional and meticulously detailed on the inside. It’s a two-pocket portfolio, both with zippered enclosures. One of the pockets is used strictly for your laptop while the other pocket is an organizational pocket with multiple interior pockets.

The materials used for the Muijo Portfolio are recycled polyester fabric, recycled polyester lining, and vegan leather trim. Despite the material being recycled, it actually looks and feels really good. The exterior feels thick and strong and the side that the laptop sits in is padded. The interior of the laptop pocket also seems to be lined with a suede-like material that is soft and smooth. Your Macbook or any, up-to-16-inch laptop will feel safe and secure in the Muijo Portfolio.

Muijo Portfolio

The second zippered pocket is for organization. In it, you’ll find several other pockets which can hold items like your charger, your phone, pens, pencils, or a stylus, and even your wallet. There’s also a sleeve inside you can use to carry a notepad, newspaper, magazine, or even a tablet if you desire. This side of the Muijo POrtfolio is lined in polyester.

What I really like about the Muijo Portfolio is the attention to detail. Both zippers for the different pockets are different sizes along with the zipper pulls. This makes it easy to identify which is for the laptop and which is for the accessories. I also really love the addition of the vegan leather handle on the bottom of the Muijo Portfolio that allows you to hold it like a briefcase. Lastly I just love the way the Muijo Portfolio looks. It’s so professional and modern looking with a slim look that doesn’t make it seem bulky, even though it can hold so much.

Is the Muijo Portfolio right for you? That depends on your needs. I like the utility and look of it and would use this for work. If I had to carry more stuff though, I’d use a backpack. However, the Muijo Portfolio is great if you just need the essentials for work or for a possible business meeting and it looks great if you want to make a statement.

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