How to Exchange Crypto Immediately on WhiteBIT?

Cryptocurrency trading allows people to make money in the shortest possible term, which may last even a couple of minutes. The reason is that cryptocurrency rates are highly volatile and change literally every minute. Following trading strategies helps investors to be consistent in their work and reach good results. 

Often it is necessary to conduct exchange operations immediately. For example, when a trader sees a sharp rate drop and does not want to lose funds. So one is in a hurry to convert his crypto to fiat or stablecoins to save the value of investments in dollar equivalent as much as possible. To exchange crypto immediately, experienced investors use a crypto coin calculator. What is it, and how does it work?

What is the Role of a Calculator in Efficient Trading?

Many large crypto trading platforms offer the calculator tool. Let’s see how it works in the example of the WhiteBIT exchange. Advantages of crypto coin calculator:

  • Speedy conversion of crypto assets
  • Convenient and transparent
  • Offers cryptocurrency live rates
  • Allows to convert fiat-crypto pairs.

Suppose you want to buy some Solana coins with euros. So you should register on the WhiteBIT exchange, move the necessary amount to the Trade account, and enter the crypto coin calculator. In the graph “I give”, indicate the asset you sell (EUR), and in the graph nearby, choose SOL. Below, enter the number of euros you want to sell. The converter will display how many SOL coins you are going to receive in return, given the fee. You will receive SOL coins in your account in a matter of minutes.

WhiteBIT is the most popular trading platform among beginner crypto investors, for it is very convenient and transparent. The exchange has impressive liquidity, which provides immediate conversion of crypto assets. It has quality customer support operating 24\7.


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