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TGWK’s Review of “ChickOrDude” v1.5 (iOS)

A few days ago, we reviewed Percipo’s entertaining PhotoAge app. Today, we are back to review another one of their titles that is along the same lines and it’s called ChickOrDude. Instead of approximating your age, this app determines whether your facials features make you extremely manly, extremely feminine, or anywhere inbetween. Needless to say, … Continue reading

TGWK’s Review of “PhotoAge” v1.5 (iOS)

PhotoAge from developers Percipo is an entertainment app meant to approximate the age of a person based on their photograph. That means that your photo age may be completely different from what your actual age may be. For instance, I’m 34, but according to the PhotoAge, I’m usually between 25-30 which isn’t really too far … Continue reading