TGWK’s Review of “PhotoAge” v1.5 (iOS)

PhotoAge from developers Percipo is an entertainment app meant to approximate the age of a person based on their photograph. That means that your photo age may be completely different from what your actual age may be. For instance, I’m 34, but according to the PhotoAge, I’m usually between 25-30 which isn’t really too far off from what my real age is. Of course, it’s not entirely accurate and I’ve gotten a few mixed test results over the past few days.

Most of the time, PhotoAge seems to be fairly accurate in determining your age. The inconsistencies come when you start making silly faces in it. If I just take a normal image, the age it shows is closer to my real age, however with funny faces, my age has ranged from 18-40. However, this is actually a blessing as it makes the app infinitely entertaining as I find myself testing the app to see which face I make makes me look the youngest. It’s quite hilarious. I find that “pufferfish” face makes you look the youngest, however, it’s not a face I’d like to constantly make in family photos. Aside from that, the best approximation of age comes from taking multiple photos and just taking the average of them all.

PhotoAge does come with some pretty interesting features as well. Not only can you take photos of individuals for the app to process, but you can also grab photos from Google, Bing, or your favorite social networks. Once you get the results, you can share those with other through Facebook, Twitter, or email. All of this comes from an easy to use user interface that makes it almost impossible not to know what to do.

Obviously, PhotoAge is meant strictly to be for entertainment purposes only. It is in no way accurate enough to really determine what age your photos make you look like and I really have no idea how they are basing their age approximations on. What I can say is that PhotoAge certainly is a fun party app that will either make your subjects blush with pride or red with embarrassment and anger. In either case, it’s still fun and worth a laugh. For the most part though, it is fairly accurate as I did try it on a wide range of people here at work and at home.

PhotoAge is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with all devices running iOS 3.1.3 and higher. Camera option requires a device with a camera. If you want to take the app for a test run, it is available in a Lite version that you can download here.


Tired of being referred to as your baby brother’s mom when you’re only 20? Wondering if that goatee makes you look older… or just plain old? Staring at your date and certain she’s not the “just turned 26” she claims to be? Using PhotoAge, you can find out how old you and others really look to people!

Ask your husband how old you really look, and you may be sitting around for hours as he dodges the question. But with PhotoAge, discovering how old you look to others takes only seconds. Simply snap a pic on your camera or choose one from either your photo library or Facebook account and then watch as PhotoAge’s incredible artificial intelligence engine recognizes and scans your face. When it’s done, the engine reveals how old you look with a high degree of accuracy. If you’re proud to be a 42-year-old mom of two kids but PhotoAge says you look 30 (woohoo!), you can share your results (i.e. show off to your friends) via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

You can even search the web with Google or Bing within the app to see how old your favorite celebs appear to be. The results may surprise you!

PhotoAge At-A-Glance

• Uses an advanced artificial intelligence engine to approximate how old you look.

• Scan a photo taken from your camera, photo library, Facebook, or the web and get instant results.

• Find the perfect, youthful photo of yourself to post to Facebook or use for business – see if you look youngest from a certain angle, smiling with or without teeth, in certain lighting, with less or more makeup on, etc.

• Share your results through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

About Percipo: Percipo is revolutionizing the way computers interact with humans by building machines that can sense the world like humans do. If you’re having fun with our apps and want the latest scoop on our upcoming apps and updates, follow us on Twitter at @ScanYourFace. Happy scanning!

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