TGWK’s Quick Rental Review – Bayonetta (Xbox 360)

Warning: M rated. Not for children as it features semi-nudity, sexual themes, violence, and other adult related themes.

Bayonetta is a button mashing, hack and slash game from SEGA. It’s a fast paced game with a sexy female lead character, strange enemies, and and even stranger story line. It’s a game that might not be for everyone because of how weird the game is but if you are into action games, you could completely overlook the story and play it for the sheer joy of watching Bayonetta strut her stuff.

For starters, Bayonetta was a mixed bag for me. The character of Bayonetta herself was quite interesting and she certainly is one bad ass woman who can surely hold her own in a fight. SEGA saw fit to include so many types of moves and combos that for most of you, you may never even be able to pull off each one. In my case, I had problems pulling off a majority of the combos so I just stuck to the 4 or 5 I could do throughout the entire game. I will admit however that I was just button mashing most of it. SEGA did do a great job though of making sure all her moves flowed together, which they did, and made for a visually stunning action game.

Now on the negative side of things, I honestly had no idea what the heck was going on in this game. All I could gather was that she is a bad ass chic who had lost her memory. Angel’s seem to be evil in this game and there are heavy religious overtones that kind of just turned me off to the story. I was quite annoyed each time a new enemy would appear and it would sort of interrupt the action to show a cut scene of the enemies name. It’s cool the first time but very annoying the hundredth time.

Also, the difficulty level in the game is a bit ridiculous. I tried playing it on the hardest difficulty setting and was only able to beat the first few levels on it before I just gave up from sheer exhaustion and switched it to easy. I was just not enjoying the game very much on that setting. It got to the point where I just gave up, switched it to easy, and tried to finish the whole story as quickly as I could so I could get rid of it. Because of that, I only earned 325/1000 G.

I wish I enjoyed Bayonetta more than I did as I really do like her as character. I just wasn’t too impressed with the storyline or the religiously influenced enemies. The game over all was just plain weird to me and if I had a choice of renting it again, I probably wouldn’t.

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