TGWK’s Quick Rental Review – Alan Wake (Xbox 360)

Alan Wake is a psychological thriller from Remedy Games. The game seems to be heavily influenced by the works of Stephen King and in fact does make mention of him several times in it. If you enjoy reading Stephen King novels, you should enjoy playing Alan Wake.

Alan Wake is another one of those games that I really wanted to buy when it first came out, but I couldn’t justify the full $59.99 price tag for a game that I would most likely only play through 1-2 times and then never touch again. The prices have come down for Alan Wake, but still not enough where I would really just impulsively buy it. Instead, I chose to rent it which ended up being a good choice.

Graphically, Alan wake is pretty impressive. The environments are very realistic and I was quite impressed with how great they looked. Even though much of it took place at night, you could tell that the devs took their time making sure that the world in which Alan Wake took place was as immersive as it could be. The lighting effects are also pretty spectacular especially since Alan Wake’s main weapon of choice is a flashlight. It’s a pretty unique gameplay feature and one that really sticks out in my mind, especially with how many games are out in the market right now. Remedy Games did a great job of also capturing the tension in this game as well as fleshing out a story that really kept you interested and wanting more after each chapter.

The only real downside that took away from the game really just the re-playability of it. After one playthrough, all subsequent playthroughs are no longer as tension filled or exciting as the first. This obviously is due to the fact that you will already know what to expect.

I did one complete playthrough on normal difficulty setting netting myself 830/1500 G. Not too bad for one playthrough. I did have to go back to some levels to pick up some missed achievements, but luckily, you can just load those up at any time after you complete the game one time. I also recommend playing this game in the dark as it will really make the game that much more tense and engaging.

Alan Wake is a terrific game and one that I think all psychological thriller fans should play at least once. It’s a must play whether you rent it or buy it.

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