TGWK’s Review of “ChickOrDude” v1.5 (iOS)

A few days ago, we reviewed Percipo’s entertaining PhotoAge app. Today, we are back to review another one of their titles that is along the same lines and it’s called ChickOrDude. Instead of approximating your age, this app determines whether your facials features make you extremely manly, extremely feminine, or anywhere inbetween. Needless to say, results can be quite hilarious and unexpected and just like PhotoAge, it’s a great party app that will definitely get everyone talking.

If you already own or tried out PhotoAge, ChickOrDude will look very familiar to you. The user interface is pretty much almost exactly the same. You’ll have the option of option of importing images from your photo gallery, Facebook, and Twitter or you can take photos with the camera. After you choose the source and take the image, ChickOrDude will do its fancy mumbo jumbo and determine how masculine or feminine you are. Again like PhotoAge, I’m not really sure what they base their results on but I’m glad that I’m on the more masculine side. With ChickOrDude, you’ll also be able to export your results and post them to your favorite social networks or email.

Obviously this app isn’t to be taken too seriously. It’s strictly for entertainment purposes only and I must say that it really does make for some entertaining reactions. I even had fun taking self portraits to see which facial expressions got the most masculine of results. If you’ve ever watched Zoolander, might I suggest Magnum?

ChickOrDude is a fun app that you should enjoy. It may seem very similar to PhotoAge, but the results are different enough where if you did buy PhotoAge, you won’t feel like you are just buying the same product over again. If you are the type to sit at home all day, I probably wouldn’t recommend this app as there are so many times you can check to see if you yourself are masculine or feminine. However, if you’re a social butterfly this is the perfect party app.

ChickOrDude is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It works on all devices with iOS 3.1.1 and higher. If you would like to take ChickOrDude for a test run. you can download the Lite version of the app here.


Does your new pixie cut make you look like a fashionista or a fella? Is your new guyliner screaming punk rock or princess? With ChickOrDude, you can find out how masculine or feminine you really look.

Finding out where you rank on the gender scale is simple. Simply snap a pic on your camera or choose one from either your photo library or Facebook account and then watch as ChickOrDude’s amazing artificial intelligence engine recognizes and scans your face. When it’s done, the engine awards you a 0 through 100 score. At 100 on the left (male) side of the scale, you’re the Bruce Willis of all your friends, the epitome of a modern day action hero! With 100 to the right, you’re definitely the “I bleed pink” Paris Hilton of your group. And at 0, you’re the perfect androgynous specimen, equal parts masculine and feminine.

If you’re tired of your friends calling you a tomboy just because you have a penchant for flannel, scan a photo of yourself and share your 90% feminine results via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

For more fun, see how manly or girly your favorite celebs appear to be. Justin Bieber, Cher, Zac Efron, Prince, and Hilary Swank – what do these celebs all have in common? Only two are Oscar winners. Four out of the five of them are hit singers. But all five of these stars are subjected to one perennial question – “Whoa, is that a chick or dude?” Use ChickOrDude’s search function to find out if Justin is more of a “Justine” or Cher’s actually a “Charles.”

ChickOrDude At-A-Glance

• Uses an advanced artificial intelligence engine to approximate how masculine or feminine you are based on a 0 to 100 scale.

• Scan a photo taken from your camera, photo library, Facebook, or the web and get instant results.

• Find the loveliest or toughest photo of yourself to post to Facebook or your online dating profile – see if you look more manly or girly from a certain angle, with a certain haircut, in certain lighting, with less or more makeup on, etc.

• Share your results through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

About Percipo: Percipo is revolutionizing the way computers interact with humans by building machines that can sense the world like humans do. If you’re having fun with our apps and want the latest scoop on our upcoming apps and updates, follow us on Twitter at @ScanYourFace. Happy scanning!

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