This Week’s ModNation Racers Creations: DC Comics Edition Pt.2 – 08.20.10


Welcome back to another installment of my weekly ModNation Racers Creations. I was on a break last week so there were no new creations made to post but this week I am back with 5 new character skins. This is another set of DC Comics based characters some of which are based on the work done by Alex Ross and his Kingdom Come series. This week’s skins feature Plastic Man, Adam Strange, Aquaman, Starman, and the Blue Beetle. I only had a few hours to work on these 5 skins so a couple aren’t as detailed as they should be, but I’ll go back to those and add some finer details before I upload.

This is Plastic Man. He’s probably my favorite character of the bunch this week because of how goofy he looks. Plastic Man was always a funny looking character so I tried to play on this by giving him a goofy smile. Plastic Man in my opinion has a very unique look among all super heroes and its one that is not easily mistaken.  All-in-all, I think he really looks like Plastic Man.

Next up is Adam Strange. I really don’t know too much about Adam Strange. I just chose him because he seemed to have a really interesting head piece that I wanted to try out. Adam Strange also wears a jet pack but due to the limitations of the ModNation Creator when it comes to adding body objects, I couldn’t add the jet pack.

I decided to make a slightly more well known DC hero this week so I chose Aquaman. There really isn’t too much that goes into making Aquaman. He basically has a shirt that looks like golden fish scales and then some green accents here and there. I do wish that ModNation would allow you to size scale the patterns used on objects as the scales on Aquaman’s shirt are quite large and I would love to have been able to scale them to a smaller size. Other than that, I don’t really find Aquaman all that interesting to look at.

This is the Alex Ross version of Starman from Kingdom Come. Basically his body looks like the blackness of space littered with stars. I just saw him in a painting Alex Ross did from his Mythology book and thought he might be an interesting character to make. Anyways, this was literally a 5-minute creation.

Last on this weeks creations is the Blue Beetle. I believe this particular Blue Beetle is based on the Ted Kord version. When creating him, there was a point where it kind of felt like I was creating Mega Man, especially from the shoulder down. I did do something a little bit different with his eyes that I hadn’t done with other characters and that was to make them transparent so it would look as if his eyes were behind the yellow lenses of his goggles. He doesn’t look too bad, but I could probably go back and add a few finer details to his costume.

That’s it for this week. Like I said earlier, I only had a few hours this week to make these 5 characters. I will be uploading these 5 to the ModNation servers tomorrow so if you’re interested in downloading any of them, keep an eye out this weekend.

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