The Art of James Hance

I’ve never heard of James Hance before but now that I have, I’m surely a fan of his art work. I’m especially interested with all his Star Wars related work he has done as well as a book he has out called “Wookie the Chew”. It has a very Calvin and Hobbes type feel to it and would be a great book to have added to any geek’s collection.

‘Wookiee The Chew’, in the style of the original Pooh books tells the adorkable tale of the little biped that belonged to Chrisolo Robin (and Chrisolo Robin belonged to him). 24 pages of affectionately crafted adventure, brand new illustrations and sneaky Star Wars references.

“Wookie the Chew” can be purchased from the artist’s site for $5 plus $5 shipping. Click here to order a copy or visit Cafe 331, 331 West Forsyth Street, Downtown Jacksonville or Universe of Superheroes, 2724 Park St, Jacksonville.

You should also check out some of James Hance’s other works which includes more Star Wars inspired art as well as The Muppets, Star Trek, Alf, The Doozers, and more! There you can also purchase prints of his art work. At about $10 per print, I may have to pick some up myself.

[via James Hance]


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