Review: Hungry Helga HD (iPad)

Today at The Gamer With Kids we had a chance to go hands-on with a brand new release for the iPad – Hungry Helga HD.   Let me start off by saying, my initial reaction to this game was, well why would I want to float around in boat with a fatty named Helga, boy was I wrong.  Hungry Helga HD is a game where the objective is to make and keep Helga festively plump by shooting fish with your on-board canon and then collecting them with your net.  Sounds easy enough right?  Well, it’s not!  Helga has a very bad temper and if you don’t meet her demands she will sink your ship to the bottom of the ocean.

Each round makes the game a little more challenging, by adding seagulls, sharks and icebergs to name a few. Each of these “enemies” can be eliminated by shooting them with your cannon until they are dead or destroyed.  If you keep Helga happy enough she will allow you to unleash her super power, which will vary based on location.

The controls are super easy to use and very responsive, you simply tap where you want to shoot, and tilt the device left to right to direct the boat and collect your fish.  Obviously the game must be played in portrait mode, as landscape would make it seem like you were in a puddle instead of the ocean.   Hungry Helga’s graphics and overall style are nicely done and everything appears to blend very well together.  This game was definitely done right the first time.

Hungry Helga HD is definitely kid approved and something the whole family could enjoy together.  Unless of course you don’t like your children feeding small populations of fish to a large Scandinavian woman.

The only things I would like to see added in the future, more rounds and additional enemies or bomb types.

Hungry Helga HD is available in the App Store now for $3.99. At the moment, it’s only available for the iPad but soon will be out for both iPhone and iPod Touch.

Rating: A+


Captain Kjirk has a big mouth to feed. Help him keep Helga happy and keep her from destroying their ship by feeding her fish. Lots and lots of fish. And watch out for sharks and those pesky seagulls.

Hungry Helga is a fast-paced action game from new indie game developer, Grid Monsters. It features beautiful graphics and original music.

– Simple but addictive gameplay: tap the screen to fire cannonballs at the fish and tilt your device to move your boat and collect them.
– Over time the fish become faster and stronger while seagulls, sharks, and icebergs hinder your progress.
– Once Helga has eaten enough, she reaches a state of nirvana and can call on the gods for assistance. Watch her boil the water or zap fish with lightning bolts. Tap her spinning halo to activate her power.
– Changing scenery and weather.
– Enjoy the game’s original music or listen to your own music through the iPod app.
– Leaderboard. Game Center support coming soon.

Helga needs to eat! It’s your job to keep her happy.

[via App Store]


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