Review: Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film for iPhone 4

I was at the Apple Store yesterday getting an iPhone 4 for my parents when I ran across the Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film Set for the iPhone 4. These were the only screen protectors that I saw Apple selling at the store for the iPhone 4 and at only $14.95 per set, these are much cheaper than the ZAGG protectors that they sell at other stores. Question is, how are they? I’ve never heard of Power Support before but for the price, I figured I might as well try it out.

The kit comes with a pre-installation film, which I’ve never seen anyone use before, and 2 front screen protectors. The first step obviously is to clean the screen before installation. I used a bit of alcohol and a microfiber cloth to get the screen nice and shiny. It really wasn’t too hard considering this was also a virgin iPhone 4 I was installing it on. Now, the next step calls for the pre-installation film. Basically this is just some special tape that you use on the screen first and then lift off so it can pull all the dust fragments you may have left behind off the screen. Pretty good idea actually that I’ve never even thought of. After that, all you do is apply the screen which is static cling and does not have adhesive on it.Installation was super easy and I can 100% guarantee that you will see no bubbles as pushing the bubbles out is easy and I’ll have to say that this is probably the fastest I’ve ever installed a screen protector with zero post squeegeeing.

How does the Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film look? Fantastic. It has a matte finish so you don’t get that glass look, but it also cuts out so much glare that you would normally see on the screen. I don’t get that mirror effect anymore and it actually much easier to see now in bright sunlight. But you know what the #1 feature is about the Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film? Almost zero smudges! Seriously my biggest gripe with touch screen devices is the amount of time I spend wiping clean my screen because of finger smudges. With the matte screen now, you get no more smudges. After playing with the iPhone for a solid hour installing apps and playing with some games, the screen still looked fantastic with no smudges in sight. I have since taken the second screen the kit came with and installed it on my own iPhone 4 because I was so impressed with it. I’m not too sure yet on what long term usage of these will be like or how they might hold up to scratches but for now, they are pretty impressive.

For $14.95, the Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film is a great value for anyone who wants a good screen protector on the their iPhone 4. They do have another set out that includes both the front and rear protection but I didn’t see any at the Apple Store. I highly recommend these right now as they are probably my favorite type I’ve used so far.

For more information about the Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film, visit their website at

Rating: A


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