TGWK’s Review of the Speck ShieldView Matte Anti-Glare Protective Screen Film for the iPad 2

In the past, I’ve praised the Power Support line of HD Anti-Glare Films. In fact, the original one I had applied to my iPhone 4 back in October is still on my iPhone today in perfect condition with zero scratches or blemishes. That’s why when it came time for me to choose an anti-glare film for my iPad 2, I originally wanted to get another Power Support one – that was until I saw how much they cost. You see, for 1 anti-glare film, the Power Support one would have cost me $29.95. That price just seemed a bit steep to me even though I knew that the quality of it was gong to be great. So in that instance, I put the Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film out of my head and went searching for an alternative.

After much searching through Amazon’s huge inventory of screen protectors, I stumbled upon the Speck ShieldView line of screen protectors. They happen to have a matte version of it that was also anti-glare. I’ve heard of Speck before as many of the big box retailers carry their products and many of the other screen films Amazon was selling I had never heard of before. I decided to go with the Speck ShieldView. One of the deciding factors here was that it came with two anti-glare films and Amazon was selling it at just $16.63.

Upon receiving the package, I inspected it to make sure everything was in order. It includes two individually bagged films along with one cleaning cloth. It didn’t include a hard applicator and instead instructs you to use a credit card. The instructions it came with were fairly clear and easy to follow, although I will say that installing the ShieldView was a bit different than installing the Power Support one on my iPhone.

Obviously the first thing you have to do when installing any protection film is to clean the surface of your device. I chose to use a bit of rubbing alcohol to really get my screen nice and clear and wiped down the screen about a million times with a microfiber cloth until I was sure that there weren’t any smudges, fingerprints, or dust on the screen. Since the surface of the iPad is so large, I decided to use two strips of tape along one of the edges of the ShieldView in order to line it up perfectly with the camera hole and the home button. This isn’t in the instructions, but I found that this method works best when dealing with something of this size.

After removing the bottom layer of the film, you can slowly apply it to the iPad and push out all the bubbles using a credit card. What I really like about the Speck ShieldView is that no only did it have a bottom film you had to remove first, but it also had a second top layer film that is used to protect the actual protective film while you are pushing the bubbles out with the credit card. This keeps the actual film from being all scratched up accidentally when applying it.

It’s something that the Power Support film didn’t have and it’s actually a pretty good idea that Speck added this. After removing the top film, you’re left with nothing but a perfectly applied, anti-glare matte screen protector for your iPad. If you still see a few bubbles along the edges, they are easily pushed out with your finger or if you rub it with the included cloth.

Some people don’t like matte screen protectors due to the fact that it does dull the screen a little bit. I compensated for this by just turning up the brightness a little bit on my device. In all honesty, I’d rather deal with the slight dullness than not being able to look at my screen due to glare. I’m now able to look at my iPad without worrying about whether or not I was holding it in the right position as to not have the sun or some other light reflecting off the mirror like screen. The screen also seems a bit smoother now and my finger doesn’t stick to the screen anymore if I’m even sweating a little.

For $16.63, the Speck ShieldView Anti-Glare Protective Film is an excellent value for something that is just as good as the more expensive Power Support one. Since it comes with two, if you screw up installing the first one, at least you’ll have a second one to try again with. I ended up giving my second one to my parents who also has an iPad 2 and really needed one as well.

I recommend the Speck ShieldView Anti-Glare Protective Film as a good alternative to the Power Support one. It’s cheaper, does the same thing, and in my opinion, was very easy to install with no bubbles at all. I’ve had a lot of practice installing several screen protectors already so it was a bit easier for me so if you’ve never done one of these before, your results may vary from mine.

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