TGWK’s Review of “World Cup Table Tennis” v3.3 (iOS)

World Cup Table Tennis is a realistic ping pong game from developer Skyworks Interactive. Unlike Swing Pong which we reviewed last week, World Cup Table Tennis takes a more realistic approach to ping pong that relies on hand-eye coordination. It uses a more traditional style of play where you use your finger to move the little floating paddle around so you can hit the ball. It works surprisingly well coupled with a physics engine that is realistic and accurate.

There are four different game modes in the game – Career, Tournament, Arcade, and Head to head. My favorite modes here are career and tournament since you need to play career mode in order to unlock the other countries and paddles and the tournament mode is where you challenge other countries to a bracketed championship to see who will win the World Cup. Arcade mode is decent, but its really just a practice mode where you hit the ball against a wall while trying to hit some point rings. Head to head is for local multiplayer which means 2 people on one device.

The game is pretty realistic. The balls bounce the way they are supposed to bounce and the hitting mechanics are good as well. All you do is drag your racket around and move to where the ball is to hit it back. Depending on how you hit it, you can adjust the angle of return and even curve the ball once you’ve practiced some more. The game even includes 10 different paddles, some you’ll need to unlock, which all have their different attributes.

World Cup Table Tennis is a very good, realistic ping pong game for your iPhone. It really does feel like you’re playing a real game of ping pong, although sometimes the paddle does get obstructed by your finger. You get used to this after a while and learn to approximate where your paddle is. I really like all the different modes in the game and the fact that you can also play multiplayer on it locally, although the screen is quite small to do that. Luckily, there is also an iPad version of the game which should make local multiplayer a bit more tolerable. If you have an iPad, you can even try out World Cup Table Tennis for free.

World Cup Table Tennis is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.


The #1 Table Tennis game on the iPhone/iPod touch just got even better.

Are you the master of the paddle? The ninja of the backspin? Do you have balls of fury? Then World Cup Table Tennis from Skyworks is the app for you!

Grab your headband, matching track-suit and paddle and represent your country’s colors in some classic table tennis action with WORLD CUP TABLE TENNIS™ from Skyworks®, creators of the best quality and most fun sports games on the iPhone/iPod touch! It’s the fastest sport on a table, and now it’s right here on your mobile device. Feel like a pro, concentrating to catch the corners with each shot. Be precise, even the slightest mistake can lose the game and let down your entire country.

World Cup Table Tennis features four modes: all-new Career, enhanced Tournament, Arcade, and Multi-player/Head to Head. In Career, play against twenty countries. Start with the lowest ranked countries in the world, and go against the top rated countries – all from real world rankings! In Tournament mode, see if you can win the Gold Cup! In Arcade, play a new twist on the classic game with added bonuses! In Head-to-Head Mode, compete in real-time against another player on the same iPhone/iPod touch!

As you play Career, Tournament, and Arcade modes, unlock 8 paddles – with each paddle offering a distinct performance combination of power and spin that you can use against different countries. Wait till you master these awesome new paddles!

In addition to four modes, WORLD CUP TABLE TENNIS features ‘state of the iPhone’ 3D graphics, your choice of music and local and global high scoreboards.

– New Career Mode: Play against 20 different countries while unlocking 8 different paddles, each with different physics
– Enhanced Tournament: Play for the Gold Trophy in quarters, semis, and the finals! You choose which country you represent.
– Arcade: Table tennis “wall practice” with different targets
– Head-to-Head: Compete in real time against another player on the same iPhone/iPod touch!
– Ten paddles, each with its own physics and game play. Will you have a favorite paddle?
– Play your own Music
– Win achievements in Game Center
– Local and global score boards
– Challenge friends via emails
– Post your scores on Facebook

[via App Store]

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