Review: Scoops – Ice Cream Fun for Everyone v2.5.2 (iOS)

Scoops by Nimblebit is an ice cream stacking game that is very similar to another one of Nimblebit’s games, Sky Burger. In Scoops, the object of the game is to see how high you can stack an ice cream cone by catching scoops of ice cream as they fall from the sky. Stacking same colored scoops scores higher points but watch out, catch three veggies and its game over.

Scoops is a very easy game to pickup and play, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t offer any challenges. In fact, it’s pretty challenging trying to get your cone to be as high as possible especially since the taller it gets, the faster the ice scream scoops drop down, making it harder to avoid rogue veggies.

Scoops is Plus+ enhanced so you can compare scores with friends as well as unlock achievements. It is however not GameCenter enhanced so you won’t be able to track it through that. In the future its quite possible that it might be as other Nimblebit games are getting the GameCenter treatment. Either way, it’s nice that it does track scoring and has a leaderboard through Plus+.

Final Thoughts

Scoops is a fun casual game. There really isn’t much to it but it’s a pretty decent time waster and its very easy and relaxing to play. I only downloaded it the first time because it game out a bonus in Pocket Frogs but I’ve kept it on my iPhone ever since and still play it trying to beat my highest score each time. My son also likes playing Scoops as the tilt controls make it very easy to play. Plus, you can’t go wrong with free.

Scoops is available now in the App Store for free for all iOS devices.

Rating: B


Over a million people are screaming for ice cream!
Stack your ice cream cone high into the sky by tilting the phone left and right, catching as many scoops as you can while avoiding the vegetables (veggies ARE great apart from icecream!). The higher you go, the faster they fall, and the more wobbly your tower! Stack similar colors together for extra points.

Can you stack your cone past the MOON? Throw on some tunes in iPod, and start stacking! Scoops is fun for kids and adults alike, everyone in the family can take a turn.

– 13 challenging awards
– 7 worldwide leaderboards
– 6 visual themes
– 5 fun Plus+ avatars

[via App Store]

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