Review: Age of Zombies v1.0 (iOS)

Warning: As light-hearted as this game may be, it is definitely not for small children. There is a bit of cursing in the game and quite a bit of blood. There is a lot of animated violence and the theme is very adult in nature. Age of Zombies is rated 12+.

Age of Zombies is the latest game to come out of Halfbrick Studios. In Age of Zombies, you play as Barry Steakfries, a mercenary out for blood – zombie blood. The evil Professor Brains has unleashed a hoard of zombies back in time and you must go back and kill them all before they destroy the world.

As cliche as the whole zombie genre is, I never grow tired of it. It’s a scientific fact that adding zombies to anything makes it instantaneously better. Since Halloween is coming up, this is the perfect game to get you in the holiday spirit. It’s zombie clobbering time!

Let’s start things off by reminding you that this really isn’t a children appropriate game. Age of Zombie contains quite a bit of adult humor so I wouldn’t really recommend that young children play this. It also contains a lot of animated violence and blood. With that being said, adults should have a blast playing this.

The graphics in Age of Zombie are very cartoonish. All the characters have that super deformed look with huge heads and tiny bodies. The style does fit the overall tone of the game however since there is quite a bit of humor. Halfbrick also did an amazing job with the amount of characters they show onscreen at once. There are times when the entire screen is literally covered with zombies with no signs of slowdown.

Now in most games, I really dislike onscreen joysticks. This is because on a touch screen, my thumbs never stay in the exact place where the joysticks would be. They are always moving around. In Age of Zombies however, Halfbrick does something clever here and has the joysticks move positions every time your thumb lifts off the screen.  This means that the center of each joystick is always where your thumbs are – pretty clever. I also love the fact that the left joystick is for motion while the right joystick is for the direction you want to shoot. Makes it so much easier to fight a zombie horde with this method. It allows for much more accurate gameplay.

Age of Zombies is also Game Center and OpenFeint enabled. You can choose which one you want to be the main service though which is a nice touch. There are achievements in the game for some added challenges. I especially love the pop culture references that some of the achievements are named after.

Final Thoughts

Age of Zombies is one of the best action games I have played on the iPhone. Each level is packed with non-stop action and it’s definitely a great addition to the zombie killing genre. Like I said above, it’s not really a child appropriate game but teens and adults should have loads of fun playing it. With Game Center integration and the inclusion of a survival mode, Age of Zombies is sure to keep you busy for hours at a time.

Age of Zombies is available now in the App Store for $2.99. It is a universal app so it works on all iOS devices.

Rating: A+


From Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash comes their newest and biggest adventure yet! Lock and load through the history of time as a tough-as-nails commando named Barry Steakfries, who is looking for nothing more than to shoot some zombies and make it back in time for a hearty dinner!

The evil Professor Brains has sent hordes of undead to the furthest reaches of time to destroy mankind, but Steakfries won’t be taking that lying down. He’ll take it with a gun, a Zombie T-Rex and a whole repertoire of cheesy one-liners!

Shoot up ninjas, mummies, cavemen and massive bosses with a huge variety of weapons and explosives!

Bonus Survival mode to take your zombie-blasting skills to the next level, with Game Center leaderboards and achievements!

Age of Zombies is the definitive action-comedy experience for the iPhone and iPad!

[via App Store]

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