TGWK’s Review of “Kosmo Spin” v1.01 (iOS)

Earlier last month, we had a chance to check out a pre-release version of Kosmo Spin by Simogo and we were quite impressed with the level of quality present in the game especially for being their first game. Today, we are taking a look at the retail release of Kosmo Spin and finally giving it a proper review now that it’s finished.

If you didn’t read our preview of the game a couple weeks back, let me sum up the general story of Kosmo Spin for you. In Kosmo Spin, you play the part of Kosmo who must protect his tiny planet from an alien invader who is out to steal your food. By “spinning” your planet, you must collect the food before the alien does while deflecting balls and avoiding the tractor beam.

One of the first things you really notice is the art style used for the game. It has a very “LittleBigPlanet” kind of feel to it except that its much flatter and 2 dimensional. The whole game almost looks like a paper cutout and it looks very good. I love the character designs, everything from Kosmo, the alien, and the food “people.” It just all looks very pretty and it’s something that I think everyone will enjoy looking at. This is one of the things we really love about the game.

Gameplay wise, Kosmo Spin is loads of fun. The controls are very simple as all you do is rotate the planet with your finger. This makes it very easy to play one handed. That’s one thing that makes this game so fun. It’s simple so you don’t have to worry about what button does what and this keeps the gameplay fast. Kosmo Spin has 2 game modes. Most of the time you’ll probably be playing the endless mode that goes on forever until you get captured by the alien. This is where you try to gain the highest score possible for the leaderboards. The other mode is quest mode where each level has an objective you need to complete. This mode is good for sharpening up your skills. There are 36 quests and more will be available later.

Kosmo Spin is a fun, addictive game for the whole family. It starts off easy but gradually gets harder and harder but it never gets frustrating. In fact, the more you play, the more you want get better and better in order to get your score higher. It really is a hard game to put down once you start and it’s very easy to lost track of time playing it. I highly recommend Kosmo Spin for anyone who is looking for a unique, fun game that is high in replayability. This game is family friendly and suitable for all ages.

Kosmo Spin is available now in the App Store for $0.99. The game is a universal app so it has been designed to work on all iOS devices and will scale accordingly.


Throughout the cosmos a distress call is heard…

Set out on a not so epic quest to save extra terrestrial muffins, space cups of coffee and alien toasts from the evil invader. Spin the universe at the tip of your fingers to defend your planet from eightballs and watermelons by deflecting them right back in to eternity!
– A one of a kind circular arcade game! Controls so simple your dog could play it!*
– Two different game modes: Beat your own highscore in the endless mode or accept epic quests by weird people you don’t know in the quest mode!
– Online leaderboards & achievements on Game Center!
– There’s no reason you should pay extra for a few more pixels, so we made Kosmo Spin an Universal App. It’s so sharp on iPhone 4 your eyes will split in several parts!
– Simogo likes you. Updates with new quests, achievements and more are on the house.

*Dog must have developed fingers to play Kosmo Spin.

[via App Store]


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