TGWK’s Review of “Bouncer Boot Out” v1.0 (iOS)

Bouncer Boot Out is a unique game from developer 5th World. On the surface, Bouncer Boot Out just seems like a shallow game where the goal is to reject ugly people from entering a club, but if you look a bit deeper, you’ll see that it has small puzzle element to it as well.

In Bouncer Boot Out, you play the role of a bouncer at some popular night clubs. Being the bouncer, it’s up to you to weed out the cool from the uncool and boot out the bad element. As most of you who have been clubbing know, some clubs are very particular about who they do and don’t let in through the doors. Bouncer Boot Out simulates this but in a humorous fashion thanks in part to their over the top, stereotypical character designs.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Bouncer Boot Out are the graphics. Everything has a “Ren & Stimpy” look about it which adds to the slightly humorous theme. Bouncer Boot Out has also been Retina Display enhanced so the graphics are very crisp and clear. The entire game is based on 2D based drawings and the character designs are unique and varied. Each character is a stereotype of the typical club goer you might see at one of these places.

The main thing with Bouncer Boot Out is that you just need to pay close attention to all the characters and remember who you can and can not let in. Once you figure that out, you’ll be booting out the less than hip in no time. To do so, you flick them off the screen with your finger. If you want to get more advanced, you can swipe them to the right and group them with others so that you can boot them as a group and form a combo. You’ll get higher scores for combos obviously so it is in your best interest to it. After each game, the score you get gets added to a total overall score that is used to unlock new night club locations, 6 locations in total.

Control wise, the game is easy to pick up and pretty responsive, although there were times when some of my swipes would no register making it hard to form combos or boot people out. It would happen every so often so it’s probably just a small bug that needs to be ironed out.

Bouncer Boot Out is a fun game that most players will be able to jump right into. You can play either timed mode or survival mode and there’s even an online comic you can check out. The game itself is a great workout for your hand-eye coordination skills and should appeal to those who love fast paced games.

Bouncer Boot Out is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with all devices running iOS 3.2 and higher.


Boot out the BAD! Let in the RAD! The hottest clubs in Funky Town need someone to manage their queues. Are you jerk enough to accept the challenge?

Swipe gameplay allows you to flick out rejects, switch patrons and line up those all important combo boot-outs!

Learn who to let in. Will it be the rich, pretty and fashionable? If so, you’d better hope you’re not working Vampire Night at the Hellfire Club!

Bouncer Boot Out features:
– Swipe gameplay
– Two modes of play: Timed & Survival
– Five unlockable clubs with varying difficulty
– 30 unique characters: learn who’s bad and who’s rad!
– A weekly updated Bouncer Boot Out comic strip
– Some really awesome music!

Bouncer Boot Out: it’s the game for the pretentious hipster in all of us.

PLEASE NOTE: This game is currently optimized for 3G devices and above, and may perform poorly on 2nd Generation devices.

[via App Store]

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