Brickout Deluxe Pro for iOS Review []

Brickout Deluxe Pro is an arcade style brick breaking game from developer Fat Fish Games. Basically, the game is very similar to retro classics like Arkanoid or Breakout. Each level consists of a series of bricks up top that you must break with your ball. You initially must shoot the ball at the bricks and watch as it bounces back to you. Use your paddle to bounce it back up in order to break more of the bricks. Repeat this simple gamplay element over and over again until all the bricks have been broken and you’ll advance to the next stage.

Although the game resembles its retro cousins, the game has its share of differences. First of all, the game has a social element to it. Mainly you can connect to Facebook and “brag” about your score after each stage. By bragging, the app posts up your highest score to Facebook so that they can be compared with those of your friends. The other difference is that the game allows you to purchase power ups before the start of each stage. If you’ve played games like Bejeweled Blitz, it’s similar in concept where you’ll have to earn gold bricks while you play. You can then exchange those gold bricks for power-ups like superballs, magnets, and multiballs.

Other than that, Brickout Deluxe Pro is just like any other brick breaking game. Controls are easy to learn and use. There is a little finger pad at the bottom of the screen, you slide your finger left and right to move. Basically your finger position corresponds to where the paddle position is. This dose make it a bit easier to play the game as you don’t really need to know where the paddle is, just your finger or thumb.

Overall, Brickout Deluxe Pro is a fun game for those who like brick breaking. With about 100 levels of play, this game should be able to keep you busy for a while.

Brickout Deluxe Pro is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is a universal app and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.1 or later.


Brickout Deluxe Pro is an arcade classic brick breaker game with a revolutionary social twist that gamers have yet to experience. Compete with your friends and family from Facebook by signing in and see yourself compete against them on your very own personal leaderboard!

Brickout Deluxe Pro Features:

You may have conquered your Facebook friends leaderbard, but do you think you are King of the Hill? Sign into Game Center and see how high your score ranks you on the worldwide Game Center Leaderboards.

Gain experience (XP) to unlock and play in up to 100 levels* in up to 4 Zones. Each level has been crafted to test your skills and finger agility, gaining difficulty and complexity as you progress.

Choose from 6 score-enhancing power-ups before you begin each level. Three passive and 3 active power-ups can be installed into your 2 power-up slots. Power-ups include: Barrier, Grow, Multiple, Superball, Magnet and everyone’s favourite – Multiball!

Complete levels to build your rank and increase your Golden Brick stash, then use them to buy amazing power-ups that will help you better your score and beat your friends!

Simply slide your finger along the bottom touch pad area of the game’s screen to control your slider left and right. Double tap with your finger to launch any Active Power-Ups you have installed.

Enjoy the rich and vibrant world of Brickout Deluxe Pro, with its colourful bricks and particle explosions, to its excellent sound effects.

Come and play our other hot games! Soccer Headers, Keepy Uppy, Santa’s Helper, Christmas Keepy Uppy and look out for our future games at or on Twitter @FatFishGames.

*1.0 contains 60 levels with 40 more to come in the next 1.1 update, coming soon.

[via App Store]

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