Clockwork Brain v1.1.0 for iOS Review []

Clockwork Brain is a brain training app from developer Total Eclipse. If you played games like Nintendo’s Brain Age games, this is the same concept.  The game features 4 mini brain training games that are meant to speed up the rate in which your brain works. It does this by time-limiting each mini game and scoring you based on how quickly you can progress through each game. With each repeated game play, you are supposed to get faster and faster, thus improving your score.

This version of the game is the free version. There is a premium version that contains twice the number of games and removes all the ads but this free version is pretty fun despite not having as many games. This version only includes 5 mini games, 1 of which has to be unlocked later by gaining enough coins. The initial 4 games you’ll be able to play are Chase the Numbers, Scrolling Silhouettes, Missing Tiles, and Anagrams. All of which are pretty challenging, except for maybe Scrolling Silhouettes which to me is a bit easy. It’s supposed to train your visual/spatial ability so if you’re good at this, this game will be really easy. In Chase the Numbers, each game will flash a series of numbers on some tiles. Then they’ll flip over. You must tap on them in order from lowest to highest. The farther you get, the more tiles they add. This game trains your memory. In Missing Tiles, you’re suppose to count the number of tiles missing from the board quickly. This trains arithmetic. Last game is Anagrams in which they’ll give you a word and you must pick between a series of other words that are made from the original. This trains language processing.

Even though the free version of Clockwork Brain only contains 4 games and 1 unlockable game, it’s still pretty fun and challenging. Like most games of this type, you’ll want to play each game over and over again to increase your mastery of them as well as train your brain in those areas to make it faster. It’s not an easy task and some people will have more trouble on certain types of games than others. Overall though, I’d definitely check out this version of the game to see if it’s something you might be interested in playing daily instead of straight out buying the full version. I’m a firm believer of try before you buy and like when developers offer a free version to try out.

Clockwork Brain is available now in the App Store for Free. It is a universal app and is Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


Train your brain and challenge yourself with A Clockwork Brain!

Discover a series of ingenious mini-games especially created to test various cognitive abilities such as visual, spatial, logic, language, arithmetic, and memory.

Explore a unique mix of innovative puzzles alongside twists on well-known conundrums!

Everything in the game has been lovingly hand-painted with influences from Victorian Steampunk and Mayan art.

Sprocket, the robot, will be your guide! Let the games begin!

♥ “Instant fun!”
♥ “Great game! My brain is sore from working out!”
♥ “Super addictive, great theme, fun and challenging games! Love it!”
♥ “Visually stunning and entertaining.”
♥ “So fun and challenging….officially addicted….getting nothing else done this weekend!”
♥ “Really cool game! Love the antique theme, can’t wait to play some of the extra game packs.”

★ Enjoy four free, addictive mini-games!

★ Get challenged with bite-sized, fast-paced gameplay full of brain-training goodness!

★ Collect tokens as you play and unlock special Upgrades!

★ Train every day and win even more Tokens with Daily Rewards!

★ Compete with others on OpenFeint and Game Center and collect great Achievements!

★ Sharpen those verbal skills with nine languages! (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Italian, Greek)

★ Expand your brain-games collection by purchasing premium game packs!

★ See how long you can survive in the fiendishly difficult Insane Round for even higher scores!

★ Scrolling Silhouettes: Trains Visual/Spatial Ability
★ Anagrams: Trains Language Processing
★ Missing Tiles: Trains Arithmetic
★ Chase the Numbers: Trains Memory
★ Size Matters (Unlockable Bonus): Trains Visual/Spatial Ability

★Word Length: Trains Language Processing
★Sculpt Away: Trains Memory
★Directions: Trains Visual/Spatial Ability
★Points of View: Trains Logic
★Label It!: Trains Language Processing
★What Has Changed: Trains Memory

Purchasing premium content will remove all ads from the game.

[via App Store]


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