Funny Figures v1.00 for iOS Review []

Funny Figures is a new drawing game from developer Wombi. It’s based on the traditional draw and fold games of the past. If you don’t know what draw and fold is, basically one person starts a part of the drawing. Then their portion is folded over with only a tiny bit showing and you are supposed to continue on with the drawing based on what you only see. When you are done, you fold over your piece, pass it to the next player, and they do the same as you just did. Once all the pieces are completed, you unfold the entire drawing and see what strange and wonderful masterpiece was created. Funny Figures works in about the same kind of way but a bit more simplistic like so children can play it. You are tasked with drawing a figure and each person must draw a part of the figure – the head, body, legs, and feet.

This game differs slightly from more traditional versions of draw and fold. For starters, Funny Figures does not how a tiny portion of the section before the part you are currently working on. That means that what you draw may not flow or line up properly with what the previous person drew. Funny Figures however isn’t meant to be a “pro” style draw and fold game as this one is really made more for children or those who want to casually play the game. Funny Figures does offer up an outline of the body parts you are drawing as a guide which does help a bit. The tools included in the game are also very simple as they mainly consist of a marker tool with different line widths and colors. For those who can’t draw, the game includes 20 unique illustrations by fine arts illustrator, Malin Rosenqvist which you can use in your creations.

Overall, Funny Figures is a great introduction to the world of draw and fold if you’ve never played these types of drawing games before. It is a bit simple, but I think children and their parents will enjoy it. I will say though that the game is a bit less enjoyable on the iPhone than it is on the iPad due to the smaller size of the iPhone. This isn’t really a problem with the  game as it is a problem with the iPHone itself. In my opinion, drawing on the iPhone is way too cramped and doesn’t work very well like it does on the iPad. Thankfully, Funny Figures is a universal app so you’ll be able to enjoy it on the larger iPad screen if you have one too.

Funny Figures is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is a universal app and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


—The popular draw-and-fold-game now comes as an app for iPhone and iPad! —

FUNNY FIGURES is the social drawing game for both kids and adults. Players take turns secretly drawing body parts, from tip to toe. The result is a funny and nutty figure that can turn out any which way!

Funny Figures includes 20 unique illustrations done by the fine arts illustrator Malin Rosenqvist. You choose between using any of these images or if you’d rather draw yourself! No matter what you choose, no figures will ever look alike!

This drawing game is extremely easy and intuitive, just click and drag on the screen! No reading skills are necessary. If you think it’s hard to draw on the screen, you can always choose one of the many ready-made images included in the app. Draw a figure quick and easy!

The endless variations of figures make it fun to play and experiment on your own. But, of course, playing together with others is the most fun!

Start creating your own Funny Figures now!

[via App Store]

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