Lola’s Math Train v1.2 for iOS Review []

Lola’s Math Train is a new educational entry from developer Beiz. If the name of the game sounds a bit familiar, it’s because Beiz has another game entitled Lola’s Alphabet Train that I looked at over a year ago. The concept of Lola’s Math Train is very similar to their previous game. Lola drives a train. Along her journey, you are presented with a series of math challenges that you will need to solve in order to continue on your way. These math questions range from counting objects to simple addition and subtraction and are geared towards very young children. There are 19 different mini-games in total, each with the goal of improving your young child’s math skills.

The mini-games themselves are pretty varied and also range in difficulty level. The game is meant for kids age 3-7 so the games themselves aren’t terribly hard. My son is age 6 and was able to easily go through all the mini-games. However, for younger gamers, these games in my opinion are quite good and will really help with their mathematical skills based on what I’ve seen. If you check out the video preview below, you can get a feel for the type of mini-games included as well as the pacing of the game.

Overall, I’m pleased with what I see here. The games are fun, educational, and easy enough for children to play and learn with. It also helps that the graphics are very colorful and Lola is a fun, pleasant character to interact with.

Lola’s Math Train is available now in the App Store for $1.99. It is a universal app and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.


Join Lola on her journey as she makes her way through a fun filled environment of bright colors, interactive characters and creative problem solving to get all of her friends to a party! Specifically designed for children 3-7 years old, Lola’s Math Train encourages children to learn key skills like adding, subtracting and puzzle solving all while having fun!

Developed by BeiZ Ltd., a company who strives to provide enjoyable moments and learning opportunities to children and parents alike, Lola’s Math Train is an excellent tool for any child or family aimed at improving developmental skills.

Key Features:
o Nineteen exciting mathematics games with Lola Panda
o High-quality graphics and fun animations
o Various levels to choose from
o Easy-to-use game design
o Advancing difficulty as children’s skills improve

[via App Store]


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