Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Appisode v1.01 for iPad Review [TheGamerWithKids.com]

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Appisode is an interactive Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode from Disney. What this means is that the app is basically one full length episode of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but with the ability to fully interact with all aspects of the episode. If you’ve ever watched an episode of the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, than you know that throughout each episode, they always try to get you involved with whatever it is they are trying to accomplish. The app is no different. It gets you involved right from the start and doesn’t let up until the very end. Best of all, it’s free! The app itself plays like a regular episode of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Everything kids love about the show is included in the app – the theme songs, activities, characters, everything. It’s all in this app and a lot of it is interactive. Just like on the show, the characters will ask you to perform specific tasks or shout out certain phrases. Unlike the show however, the app will actually pause and wait for you to complete those tasks in order to move on, again making the whole app very interactive.

Since this is a full episode show, you’d think you would have to watch it all the way through each time. This is not the case. What’s great about this app is that your kids aren’t forced to watch the entire episode all the way through each time they play it. They can tap a pull down menu and scrub to any point in the episode. This is a very good feature in my opinion and I really like how they implemented it here.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Appisode is a fun app for those who are fans of the show. It’s amazing that this app is free, but I have a feeling it’s just to give you a taste of more episodes to come that you will probably have to pay for. Regardless of that, your kids will seriously enjoy this app and all it has to offer. You might think that they’d be bored with it after going through it a couple of times but that’s not the case. Kids are very repetitive and can watch the same episode of a show over and over again and be just as into it the 50th time as they were the 1st time. Again, worth a look since it’s free.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Appisode is available now in the App Store for Free. It is compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.1 or later.


Take the TV show viewing experience to the next level with the first in the appisode series, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Road Rally”. The appisode brings viewing and learning together in one interactive and cohesive experience! Touch, shake, swipe, drag and talk your way through an entire episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right on your iPad. Participate directly in the storyline by completing various activities to help Mickey and friends cross the finish line! There’s laughter and fast-paced learning fun around every corner in Mickey’s Road Rally!

• An Interactive Mickey Mouse Clubhouse full-length episode
• Easy to do activities lead by Mickey Mouse and friends
• Talk to and answer Mickey’s questions using sound recognition technology
• Over 20 interactivities, including counting, problem solving, shapes and memory skills
• Use the touch, shake, drag and swiping motions to complete each activity
• A special tilting activity to find Chip and Dale in the sky

Designed for ages: 3 and up

[via App Store]

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