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There are a lot of RPG games out there and while I’ve played a lot of the modern ones, there are very few that keep my attention for longer than a week. Some RPG games start off really exciting, but after a while, they just become really repetitive and boring. That’s why UnEpic is so interesting. This is one of the few RPG’s that has kept my interest and one where I actually want to finish. UnEpic is a side-scrolling platformer RPG that has much in common with old school RPG games as well as dungeon crawlers and platformers. It’s also pretty amazing that this game was developed by one guy.

UnEpic tells the tale of Daniel, a normal guy who likes video games and Dungeons and Dragons, who gets transported to a sinister castle when the bathroom light gives out during his D&D pee break. Players must help Daniel navigate the more than 200 rooms of Harnakon’s Castle, each filled with their own monsters and interactive characters.

The game is a serious RPG that doesn’t take itself very seriously. All the classic RPG elements are there such as leveling up your character, applying points to specific categories to build up your character, and acquiring armor, weapons, and magic spells to gain strength and higher stats. There are more than 100 weapons and 70 magic spells hidden throughout the castle, each with its own traits and uses. Where the game doesn’t take it self too seriously is with the story.


The story is very good and quite funny in many of the parts. Daniel is a guy who comes from the real world and knows that he’s trapped in an RPG of sorts. That means he has knowledge of how RPGs work and often references this. Not only that, he references a lot of modern day pop culture that only people in the real world would know. It makes sense to us but not to the characters in the game. There are references to Star Wars, Ace Ventura, and even The Golden Child just to name a few. It’s actually pretty funny when you do recognize the reference and really helps keep things interesting.


Gameplay is pretty standard affair. UnEpic plays a lot like a side scrolling platform game with action elements. Combat occurs in real time and isn’t turn based, but your damage dealt is based on the stats of your character and weapons used. That means you should always keep an eye on what type of loot you pick up and if anything will make your character stronger. Also when you do level up, boost your stats in the areas you want to be stronger in and not just all over the place.

There is a lot of exploration to be had in the UnEpic world with lots of room and secret rooms to discover. You’ll have to discover most of it on your own as well as all the main story quests and side quests. This part of the game is very Metrovania like where only rooms you’ve discovered are shown on the map so you’ll want to make sure to explore every inch of the game.

While I did play a lot of UnEpic on the PS4 and it looks really good on there on the big screen, I did give the game a go on the PS Vita while on vacation. Let me tell you, the experience on there is equally as good and works very well on the smaller screen. For those who own a PS Vita, you’ll be happy to note that UnEpic is a Cross Buy title which means purchasing it on the PS4 gets you the PS Vita version for free. That’s great for me as it means I can play UnEpic on the go.

UnEpic is one of the few RPG games I’ve played this year where I seriously couldn’t put down. Once I started it, I just wanted to keep going and when I did stop playing it to play other games, I always had this little itch to go back to it. This is why I also downloaded it to my PS Vita because I wanted something fun to play on my recent trip and UnEpic certainly was that. What’s really great about the game I think is that it has various difficulty settings so if you really wanted a challenge, you could ramp the difficulty all the way up but if you wanted to just enjoy the game and story without the frustration, you could do that too by setting the difficulty lower. That means players who don’t even enjoy RPGs that much can enjoy UnEpic for the adventure and story aspects of the game.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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