JYDGE Review + 40 Minutes of Gameplay | PS4

Fans of 10tons Neon Chrome may want to check out their latest, JYDGE. Set in the same world as Neon Chrome and Crimsonworld, JYDGE is a roguehate top-down shooter where you get to eradicate crime in the never-sleeping megacity of Edenbyrg. It can be seen as a prequel to the events taking place in Neon Chrome.

While JYDGE is similar to Neon Chrome, it’s also very different. While Neon Chrome was a roughlike which meant with each death, you’d have to start all over again from the beginning. 10tons is calling this a “roughhate” which has elements of a roughlike, but you don’t have to start from the beginning with each death. You keep your advancement, your earned power-ups, and the levels you’ve unlocked. That means that with each death, you can start at the level you died at and not all the way at the beginning.

What I like about the game is how easy it is to get into but also how challenging it is, and I mean really challenging. Each level has a set of normal and hardcore challenges that range from doable to almost impossible. Some require completing a level under a certain amount of time or to rescue hostages without being spotted. You could also just not do the challenges, but you’ll need to eventually in order to unlock later levels.

Another cool features is the shear amount of cybernetics, items, mods, and companions you can earn. Each adds something different to the game with almost endless combinations you can run. Some are better than others on certain levels and challenges so you’ll just have to experiment as you go.

Graphically the game is very similar to Neon Chrome which isn’t surprising since they share the same 3D engine. It also makes sense if they share the same world as well. It looks pretty good with great lighting effects and explosions.

JYDGE is a really fun game. If you were a fan of Neon Chrome, you’re going to like JYDGE. I like the fact that you’re not forced to start all over from the beginning in order to make your way up to the boss and instead, you can progress from any of the levels you have unlocked. The challenges are challenging and I like how you can pretty much play any way you want. That’s the freedom this game allows, for you to build a custom setup that fits your play style. You can either try to be all stealth or you can go gun blazing with the most powerful weapons available to a JYDGE.

If you don’t have a PS4, you can also play JYDGE on STEAM, Xbox One, and now Nintendo Switch.


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