Just Mobile ShutterGrip Review – Must Have Mobile Accessory?

Just Mobile ShutterGrip Review

If there’s one thing I wish smartphones had, it would be a dedicated camera shutter button in the correct spot and not as a shortcut with the volume keys. For starters, using the volume keys as a shutter release button just isn’t ideal because they are usually in the wrong spot compared to a real camera and most of the time, your fingers are blocking the lens because of this. The last and only phone I ever had with a dedicated “camera” button was the Sony Xperia Z3 and I loved it because of this. It just made it feel like a real camera. For those seeking this feeling, there is a way now for you to get that same feel with your current smartphone and that’s with the Just Mobile ShutterGrip add-on accessory. Not only does this add a shutter button, but also an actual palm grip that makes holding your phone like a camera that much more comfortable and stable.

Just Mobile ShutterGrip Review


The Just Mobile ShutterGrip is designed to fit on most smartphones these days, even the large ones. I’m using it on an LG V30 with a case and there is still room for it to accommodate a slightly larger phone. The ShutterGrip itself just looks like a camera grip that has been detached from a point-and-shoot. The bottom of it can be pulled out to expend its size to fit various smartphone sizes and has rubber feet to keep it secure.

What’s interesting about the ShutterGrip though is that it includes threading at the bottom for a tripod or selfie stick and it actually has a detachable shutter button remote. That means that if you use this with a tripod for instance, you can detach the remote and then take photos remotely which is great for family portraits or if you need to take long exposure shots and don’t want to risk moving your camera.

For the most part, the the ShutterGrip is really well designed. It feels pretty sturdy if not a little too plasticy however. This is surprising as Just Mobile usually makes some beautifully designed aluminum products and the ShutterGrip is mainly all plastic.

With that said, I would have liked to have seen some aluminum integrated into the design and some kind of rubberized grip up front.

Just Mobile ShutterGrip Review


While the design isn’t quite where I’d like it to be, using the ShutterGrip is a dream. It connects to your device via Bluetooth connection and it’s really easy to setup. once set up, if you have your camera app open, pressing the shutter button will snap a photo. In the case of the LG V30, holding down the shutter button will make it take a series of burst photos until you let go.It works quite well.

However, you will need to make sure you have the volume shortcut enabled that lets you use the volume button as a shutter button because that’s what the ShutterGrip is mapped to.

For the most part, the ShutterGrip will improve the feel of your smartphone while snapping photos. It makes it feel much more like a a point-and-shoot camera and you won’t have to contort your fingers anymore to hold your smartphone steady with one hand. It’s small enough to throw into your bag or pocket and easy enough to install when you need to use it.

Final Thoughts

I really like what the Just Mobile ShutterGrip does. It works and that’s the bottom line. As an added bonus, it’s got threading for a tripod and part of it can be detached to become a remote shutter button. That in itself is worth it. I like that it’s a simple add-on and if you’re serious about your smartphone photography, I believe it’s something that can really make your life that much easier.

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