Urban Flow is Chaotic Harmony on Nintendo Switch | Review

Urban Flow

There’s a beauty in traffic patterns and Baltoro Games’ latest, Urban Flow perfectly highlights this. Urban Flow is a a type of puzzle game disguised as a traffic simulator. This is a game about the subtle beauty of city streets filled with cars moving in perfect harmony. However that harmony doesn’t occur without your help. You must control traffic lights to ensure that everything goes smoothly. That means no crashes, no jams.

Before we get to the gameplay, lets first acknowledge the presentation. Urban Flow is a good looking game. The art style is very cute and colorful. There’s a bit of fun in its style as well as a crispness in its polish. It comes together quite well and really helps frame the gameplay elements. In terms of music, it’s pretty mellow and relaxing.

Of course the game itself can be anything but mellow. At first it seems easy enough controlling a few lights here and there what otherwise looks like normal streets. But when the streets start showing more complicated traffic patterns, like roundabouts or train stops, or multiple turns, things can get really hairy and turn messy real quick.

Urban Flow

The key is to just remain calm and analyze the traffic pattern. Whether you get it on the first try or on the 50th try, staying calm and observant will be key. Controlling the lights themselves isn’t too difficult either as you just need to press the corresponding buttons to turn the lights red or green. It does get more difficult however when there are more than four lights you need to take into account.

It can be a bit a easier if you get some family members to join in, and they can as Urban Flow allows for up to four players. It can also be a complete disaster if you’re not all on the same page, but then again, some disasters can be super fun.

Aside from the 100 campaign levels, there’s also an endless mode that will test how long you can survive.

Urban Flow

Urban Flow is a really interesting game that may sound simple at first, but there’s chaos in its simplicity. Trying to manually control traffic lights isn’t as easy as you may think and most of the time, you’ll probably fail spectacularly. While there’s beauty in harmony, there’s also a dark excitement that comes with causing havoc. With that  said, Urban Flow seems like almost the perfect game to wind down a stressful day. Whether you want to just have a relaxing experience and enjoy the sights or let off of steam by destroying cars, Urban Flow the game for you.

Urban Flow is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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