Nerf Legends Misses the Target | Nintendo Switch Review

Nerf Legends

Nerf Legends is a kids game published by Game Mill and developed by Fun Labs. Nerf Legends obviously is based on the popular Nerf line of foam dart blasters. My kids and I have been huge fans of the toys and actually own a whole arsenal of them. However, as much fun as the actual toys are, playing with them in digital form leaves a lot to be desired, especially on the Nintendo Switch version which tries to make a whole story out of them, but ultimately falls flat due to poor storytelling and even poorer gameplay.

Let’s start with what’s okay with the game. Graphically, Nerf Legends isn’t bad at all. It’s got a futuristic vibe to it and the modeling of all the Nerf blasters seems accurate and realistic enough. Most of the art is pretty colorful and decent enough. That’s pretty much it with what I sort of liked about the game.

The rest of it is just meh. For starters, this would be a halfway decent FPS if it weren’t for how poor the controls are, though part of that problem could be the Nintendo Switch itself. Moving around isn’t too terrible but aiming with the right stick is wildly inaccurate. At its default setting, it’s very hard to aim where you want your darts to go. This can be alleviated by turning down the sensitivity. However, when you do that, it slows down your ability to turn quickly. So basically you’re stuck with a choice of either slightly better aim, or slightly better movement. You can’t have both.

Next up is the lackluster story. There’s a campaign mode built around these Nerf blasters, but it’s just not very enjoyable. Basically, you’re just playing through levels to get through them, but any semblance of a story that’s there, you don’t really care about because of the terrible narrated script and voice acting. So for me, I was just playing mainly to shoot stuff and get through each level as quickly as I could.

Anyways, I think the developers just took the wrong direction with Nerf Legends. I would have been happy with some kind of more modern feeling Nerf game without all the futuristic robots and environments. Also making the whole game feel more like an arena shooter or even a battle royale type game would have made it better. The game isn’t the worst I’ve seen, but it’s also by far not the greatest either. I mean there is potential there for a good game, but Nerf Legends isn’t it.

If you’re looking for a good FPS game to keep you entertained, there are much better ones out there than this.

Nerf Legends is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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