Why is the Nintendo Switch So Bad at First Person Shooters? | Opinion

Nintendo Switch OLED

Maybe it’s just me, but every first-person shooter I’ve ever tried playing on my Nintendo Switch Lite has been an abysmal experience. It’s not because the graphics are bad or that the performance is lacking, but it’s because aiming in these games has just been terrible. It’s also not because of the joy-con sticks either because even when using a full-sized Bluetooth controller, the aiming experience is still terrible.

It’s odd because I could be playing the same exact game on another console, and I won’t have these issues at all so it’s not that the developers don’t know what they’re doing. Something with the Nintendo Switch just doesn’t work like it should when playing first-person shooters. Let me explain my issues.

For the most part, the Nintendo Switch functions like it should with FPS games. Movement is with the left stick and aiming is the right stick. I have no issues with movement as that seems to work as it should. It’s with aiming where things become wonky. Aiming is way too sensitive on the Switch, making it incredibly difficult to lock onto a target. Not only that, there seems to be a ridiculous amount of aim acceleration as well. The Switch also does not seem to have aim assist or at least any that I can see or feel. So what happens is that you’ll overshoot your target 99% of the time.

Now you could say that I should just adjust the controller sensitivity in the settings for each game, but that honestly only helps a tiny bit. You’re still wildly inaccurate and now that you’ve turned the sensitivity down, you’re movements are now slower.

So what games have I tried where this is an issue? Crysis Remastered, Apex Legends, NERF Legends, and to some extent, World War Z. However, World War Z seems to be the only one where the experience has not been terrible.

Anyways, has anyone else had this experience or is it just me? Let us know in the comments below.


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