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World War Z

Saber Interactive in association with Paramount Pictures, have finally released their best-selling zombie shooter, World War Z to Nintendo Switch. Based on the his movie of the same name, World War Z has you battling for humanity’s survival against an endless swarm of undead zombies. If you’ve seen the movie, you know that these zombies aren’t like those slow moving zombies you see in other films. These react to any little bit of noise and they come at you in huge swarms. That’s also what makes this particular game quite fun and hectic.

World war Z

First off, it’s amazing that Saber Interactive was able to get this running on the Nintendo Switch. They’ve already proven themselves as a very capable developer seeing as they’re also responsible for the excellent The Witcher 3 port too. World War Z actually looks pretty good here and tuns quite well. World War Z runs on the Swarm Engine and having so many zombies appear on screen on the Nintendo Switch is certainly a sight to see. It’s something I didn’t even think would be possible on here. While graphically, the game looks pretty amazing, it’s obviously not quite as good as its more powerful counterparts on PS4 or PC. Still, it’s very impressive and they did a very good job with the port.

World war Z

Aside from the graphics and incredible feat of bringing it to Nintendo Switch, World War Z is a very fun game, especially with friends. It takes many elements of another popular zombie franchise, Left 4 Dead, and puts it in the World War Z universe. You can play with a squad of four, and each can have their own specialty and look. Players in this game are not only looking to survive, but also trying to watch each others back so that everyone survives. To make things a bit more realistic, there isn’t any healing regeneration and instead, you need to self heal with medkits. But like in any real life situation of this nature, you can choose to be greedy and save your kits for yourself, or help out your friend who is in need. Choose wisely because you can only carry one medkit at a time.

Gameplay is mostly in the third person but you can ADS for that first person feel. There is a variety of different weapons to pick up throughout the game along with special heavy weapons you can pick up for extra damage. Of course ammo is limited so you’ll need to continuously pick up new weapons or find more ammo to refill. Along the way, there are also missions you’ll need to complete to progress and for the most part, it’s all very fun and isn’t really that tedious. Things move along fairly quickly in the game.

World war Z

If you’re a solo player, don’t worry about playing on your own because solo play is actually not bad here. You play with three bots and for the most part, they just follow you around and shoot at anything that moves. They even try to heal you if you’re down as well as heal each other. I mean it’s not quite as fun as playing with real people, but it’s a nice substitute. BTW, you can also play with strangers as the game will randomly match you up with other players if you choose.

So is World War Z worth it on the Nintendo Switch? I’d say if you’ve always wanted to take World War Z on the go, it sure is. If you already have this game though on other platforms and mainly play Switch on a TV, then I’d say just stick with what you got. This version of World War Z is mostly great for the sheer fact that you can game on the go. If you don’t own any versions of this game, I’d say go with this one because of how versatile it is.

Note that World War Z’s Horde Mode Z game mode and the Marseille story missions episode will arrive on Switch as free post-launch DLC at a future date. The PvPvZ game mode is available now as a free download.

World War Z is available now on the Nintendo eShop or as a physical edition you can pick up on Amazon.

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