Review: “Monkey Preschool: When I Grow Up” (iOS)

Money Preschool: When I Grow Up by THUP Games is the second game in the Monkey Preschool series. Unlike the original game, Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, this game deals more with the imagination and less with the logical side of learning. I was pretty impressed with the first game and how much of my son’s attention it actually kept so I figured that I should at least check out the second game in the series and see how much interest my son would have playing it.

At only $0.99, Money Preschool: When I Grow Up is a very cheap game so even if the game did turn out to be not very good, $0.99 is no big deal and at the very least would at least keep my son busy for a few minutes.

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It’s magic toybox playtime at Monkey Preschool! THUP Games Presents Monkey Preschool “When I Grow Up”, an imagination and inspiration game for preschoolers age 2 and up. Children love to imagine what they want to be when they grow up-and it can change from day to day! Now they don’t have to settle on just one thing. Your little monkey wants to be a pirate/astronaut/doctor? No problem. Open up the magic toy box and see what you can find!

“When I Grow Up” features intuitive unobstructed kid-friendly design. No confusing interfaces, unnecessary screens or hard to understand play.


  • Play along with four different lovable animated monkeys.
  • interactive toys and backgrounds encourage exploration.
  • Inspires creativity with tons of combinations.
  • Hundreds of rich graphics, vibrant sounds and beautiful captivating special effects.
  • Loaded with giggle inducing animations and surprises.
  • Stickers! Kids get a sticker rewards to put up on their preschool wall.
  • Designed for preschoolers — no confusing menus or navigation.
  • Open-ended, unlimited play!


Monkey Preschool: When I Grow Up features the art style as the previous Monkey Preschool: Lunchbox which is a good thing because it keeps things simple. The graphics are bright and colorful and the sound effects are just as amusing as the first game.

My son immediately recognized Monkey Preschool: When I Grow Up as the same game in the series so he was pretty excited to try it out. The game is as simple to navigate as the first game. He immediately jumped right into it which is a good thing because I always try to encourage him to figure games out on his own first before asking me how to play.

Monkey Preschool: When I Grow Up is much simpler than the first game. There isn’t any real learning going on in this game as it is more of a dress up game. You place articles of clothing on 1 of 4 different monkey characters. The object of the “game” is to dress up in the costume of what you want to be when you grow up. You can also add some props and what not but that is basically all there is to the game.

I don’t think its as educational as Monkey Preschool: Lunchbox and in fact, this is more of a time waster than anything. It does teach them to recognize what costumes go with what profession, but my son had fun for about 30 minutes which is good if you are looking for a game that can keep your child’s attention for that long. However, after you try out all the costumes and props, there isn’t much more left to do.

Eventually my son went back to playing the original Monkey Preschool Lunchbox and hasn’t really gone back to playing Monkey Preschool: When I Grow Up again. If you haven’t tried out any of the Monkey Preschool games out before, I would probably go for the original Monkey Preschool: Lunchbox game as there is more learning involved and there will be an update soon for even more features and games. Although, this game is pretty entertaining for the much younger kids (2-3) range and for $0.99, its a price you can pay to keep you kids occupied when you need some time to yourself.


[via App Store]

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