Fixing a Broken DS Lite – Part Three – Birth of the Panda DS Lite

If you read my previous two posts here and here, then you know that my Nintendo DS Lite met an unfortunate accident where the hinge came completely off the right side where the status lights are. I decided I would try fixing the Nintendo DS Lite instead of purchasing a brand new one.

Above is the finished product of about a couple hours of work. I decided against using the entire shell replacement because parts of what I received just didn’t feel as sturdy as the original parts. So instead, I just used the 1 piece I needed replaced. I also replaced the shoulder buttons and the volume/power switch just to add some more black accents to it. I kept the original white buttons as the replacement buttons and directional pad just seemed too squishy when I had them in. The original buttons had a much better feel to them.

Tip: lots of tiny parts and screws. I highly suggest getting yourself a pair of precision tweezers and some precision screw drivers before undertaking this project. Second, I used the guide over at iFixit to do the initial tear down, but I must warn you that some of the steps in the guide are incorrect as they are either skipping a couple of steps or their description is completely different from what I saw on my unit so experiences may vary so be prepared to improvise.

In the end, I ended up with a pretty unique Nintendo DS Lite which I nicknamed the Panda DS Lite.

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