Review: Crazy Coffee v1.0 (iOS) – A Tribute to the Game & Watch

Crazy Coffee is and 8-bit gem by developer Smartmind and (4) Seasons Software. It is a classic styled portable game reminiscent of the old Nintendo Game & Watch devices. The object of the game is to catch drops of coffee inside a cup by moving it left or right. The game is very easy to play and really doesn’t offer much of a challenge but the execution itself is fantastic and mimics every aspect of a classic Game & Watch.

If you are a retro gaming fan, you owe it to yourself to give Crazy Coffee a try as it will certainly take you back to a time when gaming was reduced down to its simplest parts.

The main aspect of Crazy Coffee is in the details. The layout of the user interface really does look like an classic Game & Watch system with the brushed metallic gold face and the purple casing. Upon starting the game, you are even greeted by the time. Audio in Crazy Coffee is also faithfully reproduced to sound like an 80’s handheld.

Gameplay wise, its standard Game & Watch style where you’ll be moving a cup left to right trying to catch drops of coffee. It’s nothing mind blowing or even difficult and you might actually get bored with it after the first few minutes of play. Other than that, it really is a as close as you are going to get to a real Game & Watch experience on the iPhone. There aren’t any suggestions I would offer up as the game is near perfect except that I’d like to see more of these in the future.

Crazy Coffee is available now in the App Store right for free. I highly recommend fans of the classic Game & Watch handhelds to get this as it really will take you back in time.

Rating: A-


Together with (4) Seasons Software, Crazy Coffee a game reminiscent of early 80s portable games. Collect the drops with a cup of coffee but be careful not to stain the tablecloth! Use the left and right keys to move the cup. Press ‘A game’ to start the game at normal speed or ‘B game’ to start the game at high speed.

[via App Store]

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