Review: eBoy FixPix v2.0 (iOS)

eBoy FixPix by Delicious Toys is a puzzle game that consists of lining elements of an image together so that the image gets “fixed.” By using the iPhone’s tilt sensors, elements of the entire images shift around the screen and its up to you to try and arrange them correctly to form the finished image. It’s a bit hard to explain unless you try it for yourself but to say that this game is genius would be an understatement.

You see, eBoy FixPix is like nothing you have ever played before. Not only is this one of the most creative puzzle games I have ever layed my eyes on, but the pixel art in this game is just mind blowing. If you’re a fan of pixel art, this is a must purchase game to add to your collection.

Gameplay wise, iBoy FixPix isn’t very hard at all. It is actually a very simple game to play but some of the images are quite complex and require more thought. There are times when it almost seems impossible to figure out the correct way an image should be lined up but if you pay close attention, there is always some visual clue the points you in the right direction.

Other than that, there isn’t much else to eBoy FixPix. Once you complete all 150 puzzles, that’s pretty much it. You are given the option of starting all the way from the beginning again. Yes, there really isn’t much replay value since after you complete all the puzzles, it should not take you as long to go through them again. Hopefully Delicious Toys continues to update eBoy FixPix with more puzzles.

Final Thoughts

eBoy FixPix is a game that everyone should experience. I guarantee that once you start playing it, you won’t be able to put it down until you complete all 150 puzzles in one sitting. It took me about 2 hours of non-stop play to go through all the puzzles in 1 sitting and it was well worth it. The gameplay is amazing and the artwork is amazing. I just wish it didn’t end.

eBoy FixPix is available in the App Store now for $1.99 for all iOS devices.

Rating: A


Puzzling pixel worlds gone crazy! Tilt your iPhone to explore eBoy’s mind-boggling art and find the right angle to solve the puzzle. There are 100 hand-crafted levels in this game with slow increasing difficulty. Lots of them have a 3D effect, others are layered compositions or sliced madness.

Playing the game is addictive and couldn’t be simpler. The challenge is finding the hints that lead to the solution. eBoy’s images look crisper than ever before on the iPhone’s great screen and it works great in zoomed mode on the iPad.

What’s New in Version 2.0

More pixel worlds, more difficult challenges, more fun! Now 150 levels in total …

# iPad READY
The app is universal now. On the iPad the puzzles fill the whole screen and the pixels are sharper and brighter than before. At this size the details of the images will pop in your eyes.

A new animation effect appears on solving the puzzle. The controls only appear after tapping. This way you’ll be able to enjoy the fixed image even better.

Puzzles too easy? We have increased the difficulty! Tell us what you think in our Facebook group.

The three eyed guy grew a beard!

[via App Store]

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