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Review: Ant Smasher Touch v1.2 (iOS)

Ant Smasher by Best, Cool & Fun Games is a simple game where your sole goal is the squish ants with your finger tips and keep them away from your picnic food. If you hate ants, you’ll love this game since you’ll get to squish ants to your heart’s content. Ant Smasher is one of … Continue reading

Review: Explore the Animal Kingdom v1.1 (iOS)

Here’s a great little educational app just for the kids that comes from independent developer, Mathieu Brassard. The app is called Explore the Animal Kingdom and the main goal of the app is to teach kids many different kinds of animals and the sounds they make. At the moment, there are around 92 different animals … Continue reading

Review: XT v1.0 (iOS)

XT by Lka Interactive is a space shooter, however it’s quite different from any space shooter you’ve ever played. XT is more like a cross between Asteroids and Pac-Man. Weird combination, yes, but it actually works pretty well for this game. The main goal of XT is to collect glowing green and red gems while … Continue reading

Preview: Explore the Animal Kingdom v1.1 (iOS)

Indie developer Mathieu Brassard released Explore the Animal Kingdom into the App Store. The game is designed for babies and preschoolers with the emphasis on teaching children different types of animals and the different sounds they make. With over 92 animals featured, Explore the Animal Kingdom is the perfect app to expose your child to … Continue reading

Review: TryCube v2.0 (iOS)

TryCube 2.0 by Dexetra Software is a 3 dimensional puzzle game based on a Rubik’s Cube. The goal of the game is to twist and turn a Rubik’s cube until the pattern on it matches the pattern of the 2 dimensional picture shown. This might sound easy, but it really isn’t because it’s not just … Continue reading

Review: Fruit Ninja v1.5 (iOS)

Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios is a game of action and reflexes. The goal of the game is to use your fingers to slash at fruit before they disappear off the screen. Watch out though for bombs as they will end your game quickly and keep you from achieving high scores. Fruit Ninja is a … Continue reading

Review: Catch Halloween Candy v1.0.1 (iOS)

Catch Halloween Candy by developer Minimax Games is a simple candy catching game that utilizes your iPhone tilt sensors. By tilting your device you can move your character left or right to catch candy corn falling out of the sky. Be careful though because you also have to avoid falling pumpkins and spiders that try … Continue reading

Review: Bee Patrol v1.1.0 (iOS)

Bee Patrol by developer IslandJohn is the latest game in the line drawing strategy game genre. In Bee Patrol, you guide a colony of bees to collect pollen from flowers while also pollinating them at the same time. You do so by drawing lines on the screen to guide your bees but watch out for … Continue reading

Review: iTangram v1.0.0 (iOS)

iTangram by Game Olymp is a fantasy arcade puzzle game where you need to interact with objects of different shapes. The story takes place in an ancient magic kingdom where magicians used the Crystal of Four Elements to control the weather and protect people from nature forces. However, one day the energy of the Crystal … Continue reading