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TGWK’s Review of “Destructopus!” v1.0.0 (iOS)

Destructopus! is a retro styled, side-scrolling shooter from developer Glitchsoft Games. The story of Destructopus! goes a little something like this, Earth is being overly polluted by greedy industrialists. The environment is being destroyed and Earth has summoned the awesome power of the Destructopus to punish them all. After being rudely awakened by deep sea … Continue reading

TGWK’s Review of “Stoned 3D” v1.1.1 (iOS)

Stoned 3D is a shape matching game from developer 3Dgrafix. If you were looking for a different kind of “stoned” game, this isn’t it. Instead, what you’ll get here is a polished, well made shape matching game with a stone-age theme that children should enjoy. Stone blocks of different shapes are thrown down the side … Continue reading